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 My path to writing is a bit unorthodox, having spent the last 30+ years as an entrepreneur/inventor. During the '90's I invented the Pie Saver - foil rings that prevent pies from burning.  Despite my love for pies, I also have a passion for healthy eating, especially amongst children.  This passion (along with my grandchildren) fueled my foray into writing, and this message is incorporated into readings at schools, libraries, etc.  My husband of 44 years and I have two children and three grandchildren and live in Maine and Florida.

A Bit about My Adventurous Side


I love the outdoors! When I'm not hiking, fishing, or playing games with the children, you might find me doing something crazy like ski diving. Or maybe just baking whoopie pies (A Maine tradition) on a rainy day.  It's all good.

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