Getting their Chompy eyes on!

The Secret Formula - Volume 1:  Chompy LOVES his carrots, so when he hears about an ancient carrot formula that gives superpower eyesight, he just has to find it! But when the journey leads Chompy and his pals to the mysterious mansion of Doc Peppa, strange things begin to happen...

Search for the Hidden Treasure - Volume 2:  A secret treasure is hidden deep inside the mysterious Peppa Mansion. Chompy, Salty and Weiner set out to solve the mystery - but will Candybar shake up their plans?

Spud's First Day Surprise - Volume 3:  Salty's cousin Spud moves to Munchytown. But his first day in school gets off to a rough start. Spud runs away, but soon discovers something special hidden deep inside the lonesome forest.  SEMI-FINALIST IN RPLA AWARDS

The Greasy Chip - Volume 4:  When a new baseball team comes to Munchytown, the Munchy Bunch gang can't wait to play! But Coach Brock O. Lee soon discovers his team needs to shape up and ditch their junk food habits.  FINALIST IN RPLA AWARDS

A Peek Under the Big Top - Volume 5:  The circus is coming to town, and the Munchy Bunch gang volunteer in exchange for free tickets. But when the clowns put Chompy in their act, will his fear of clowns derail the show?