NEW YA novel - The Joker's Revenge:


​     A series of sinister pranks has everyone on edge. It is the summer of '72, and DARCI MILLER, 17, is the new secretary at Camp Chickadee, a lakeside summer camp in Maine for girls ages 8 - 14.

While holding the same position years before, Darci's mother was attacked by HANK, a captivating young man with a secret alter ego---the Joker, a twisted soul who preys on young women. When Darci discovers that the current pranks are tied to her late mother's incident, she is determined to uncover the truth. She is also smitten with RYKER, her sexy new boss, who has a contentious yet complicated relationship with BRYNN, the camp owners' beautiful but spoiled daughter.

     When hot dogs explode during the welcome campfire cookout, a note is discovered indicating the prankster is after something valuable. DEANGELO, the head chef, believes they are after his million-dollar invention that removes calories from food. Every prank has a clue involving playing cards, along with a joker written in red. Suspicion swirls around GUNNAR, Brynn's on-again-off-again hot-shot boyfriend and his hell-raising buddies.

    When Darci finds her own life in danger, will she retreat to her timid ways or overcome her fears and face the danger head on?  A page-turner with twists and turns right to the end!​

 The Joker's Revenge is a semi-finalist in the 

Royal Palm Literary Awards competition.  




  His nostrils flared as he stared at his stylish black Oxfords, the pristine shine no longer visible beneath the mud-spattered surface. All that polishing and buffing, what a waste of precious time, he seethed. Peering around a commanding pine tree, adrenaline pumped through his veins like a tiger ready to pounce. The blackberry bushes were literally a thorn in his side, tearing through his three-piece polyester suit, the purple jacket hanging loosely over his fitted emerald-green vest with five shiny buttons. His striped black and purple silk tie and matching leather gloves enhanced his dapper appearance. It was all so frustrating, yet so electrifying. But oh, so worth it! She was a beauty all right - the long, silky blonde hair, velvety smooth skin and most of all, those eyes…those discerning blue eyes that looked into your very soul. The soul of the devil! If she had just cooperated, things could have been so different, so magical. But NO, she had to scream instead, holler like a little girl. Oh well, chalk one up for the Joker!